The Real Milford View

The Real Milford View

The town of Milford, complete with its shimmering marinas and a “feel at home” downtown scene, numerous walking trails, and wandering forest paths, the sense of getting lost in true New England fashion. During the summer downtime, you may find yourself looking for a quick getaway—an escape into serenity. This guide to Milford’s Observation Decks brings you the best sightseeing spots—reminding you just why we call this place home.


As Milfordites we appreciate the tidal marshes that surround Milford Point. With a view unmarred by houses or people across acres of untouched land, we take pride in this natural landmark.

The Milford Audubon Coastal Center, located at 1 Milford Point Road, serves as a sanctuary to hundreds of species of birds. People flock to this Connecticut Audubon Society (CAS) site like the majestic birds they are there to catch a glimpse of in their natural habitat. The Audubon provides sight-seeing access from their two observation decks: one at ground level next to the bird nesting sites and the other atop the spiral stairs overlooking the marsh.

Wilcox Park

Deep behind the Milford Library, far behind the tennis court, is a quaint observation area in Wilcox Park for Milford Harbor spectators. An observation deck at the end of the woodsy trail overlooks the harbor where cruising boats and squawking geese can be found at play. The deck, usually occupied by young lovers and boater, juts out over the water and is shaded by hanging tree branches, making for a cool summer spot.

Gulf Pond     

The semi-circle deck situated on Gulf Pond across the street from Gulf Beach provides visitors a mixed view of water and wetlands, reminding us that, like life, nature is always changing. The deck is hidden behind tall trees and shrubbery but you can find it across the street from the Gulf Beach parking lot.

Gulf Beach

Many Milfordites already know the pier at Gulf Beach—an early morning fishing spot shared with some friends—everyone knows the Gulf Beach pier. This observation deck offers more: a perfect spot to view Charles Island with its endangered birds and pirate tales, the Gulf Beach Pier gives Milford visitors and residents alike a relaxed, uninterrupted moment to take it all in, absorbing all that Milford has to offer; sun and fresh air, a book from the Little Library, rest on the Memorial Bench—Gulf is more than just a beach, for some people it’s also a connection to the past.

Caswell Cove

Caswell Cove, whose gazebo gives shelter to take in a beautiful scene when one ventures out to the point. Some may fish (many claim it as their favorite spot for stripers) while others are content to enjoy the view. The marina full of boats across the water overlooks the cove in its island-like presence.

Walnut Beach to Silver Sands State Park

The boardwalk, spanning from Walnut Beach to Silver Sands State Park, guides runners, strolling families, and sightseers as they traverse the beach: the epitome of the Milford seaside. During low tide, the sandbar forms a direct path to Charles Island for a casual walk around the deserted island. For a quarter, you can use the classic viewer to put yourself right with those adventurous few who wander out to Charles Island on a sunny summer day. The boardwalk has become the go-to spot in town for a stroll with a view. Connecting two of Milford’s major beaches together, the boardwalk is a mainstay of classic summer beach days.





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